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The ending act of a lengthy day. @bendeviller

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Awake for 23 hours.
Worked for 20 of those.

I’m really tired you guys. I’m going to sleep very soon.
I don’t remember the last time I was actually this worn out.

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Artwork of Bruce Pennington

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3:30am is way too early to be awake.

19 and a half hour work day starting in a bit. Can you feel my excitement?

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A room with a view.

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A (probably not great) friend once told me, that I shouldn’t rely on other people to make me happy. That I should be happy with myself before I would ever find happiness from others. That if I didn’t love myself, nobody would love me.

A much better (albeit, far away) friend, told me that in fact I don’t need anyone to make me happy.. but rather that I deserve that someone that makes me happy. I’d like to think that since that conversation, I’ve had an easier time being a bit happier about things.

Thanks Kashmoney. You’re the raddest. ( intemperatetouch )

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