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Eventful day. Time to fix a record player.

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Charcoal BBQ. Suppose we could make a few torches? #minecraft #imhilarious

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Soon. #bbq #awyis #yesby. @wadewheelson

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 St. Vincent // Pstereo Festival

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your tags always make my day. ^^

Yeah.. I definitely don’t use tags as how they’re intended.. but I’m glad someone enjoys them! hah

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I mean.. You can’t even tell where I had to sew.
I’m practically a professional.

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My thursday is out of control.

Sewing up some jeans.

.. Yep. Just try and stop me.

Upside: Beers, BBQ, and fixing an old record player later. So, that’ll be rad!

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Be still, my unbeating heart.

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Why are you so far away.

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Goodnight, misty city.

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